vampire of the light
A vampire of the light

You are a day walker and you are the most powerful
vampire around or at least you belong to the
most powerful vampire group. You go around
choosing the fate for all you meet, the
difference with you to all others is that you
use magic as well you use light magic but only
on your own kind. You love the feeling you get
when you drink someones life force away; it
makes you fell great and strangely enough
alive!! You only turn the mot pure and
untouched and these are the ones that turn into
the most callous killers, before you was turned
you was a practicing Wicca and was highly
shocked to see the thing that you thought was
un real a devil figure in your kitchen, but you
never questioned your faith and that is the
reason you was granted the power of light and
the ability to work in the day, but because you
still kill with nothing effecting your

What sort of vampire would you be and what is your story?(great pics)
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dark vampire
A Dark vampire

You are a dark vampire you have lost the spark, and
the will to care about the kill any more you
cry black hollow tears, you use to be feared
and your name spread fear across the land among
humans and vampires alike. For this reason you
are alone, you regret this but you know it is
too late. You became like that because you
became attached to someone and now they are
gone you dont see any reason to exist!! It is
almost like you live for other people/vampires
when you loose this you will again be powerful
and free. You have to learn to live for
yourself and not for others and realise that
the whole world isnt against you!!

What sort of vampire would you be and what is your story?(great pics)
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versteh ich kaum.. aber egal xD

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